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Gift Guide : For Him – Under $50

Hello lovelies!

We officially have ONE WEEK left until Christmas! Where has the time gone?! As promised in my Gift Guide : For Her, I’m back with a gift guide for HIM, which is also 10 items UNDER $50 because we like to keep things consistent here.😉

1.) Beer Glasses – $5!
At first I thought these were shot glasses but then I realized they were legit glasses but either way, I think they’re super cute and I love the little sayings.

2.) Throw blanket – $28!
I’m a very firm believer in the fact that everyone loves blankets and any man in your life deserves one too. I thought this red plaid one would be perfect.

3.) Slippers – $22!
Similar to the blanket, I feel like everyone can appreciate a good pair of slippers. These are fur lined which would be awesome at keeping your feet warm during the Winter months.

4.) Scarf – $14!
There are some men out there who refuse to admit that they get cold, however, it’s inevitable fellas. This scarf would be perfect to keep any man in your life warm and stylish if they’re into that.

5.) Wallet – $20!
While I feel like most of these are items that men won’t necessarily buy for themselves, this is one I feel like should definitely be a must for any guy’s Christmas. I feel like men will carry a wallet until it literally falls apart, LOL. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, but help your man out & get him a new wallet ladies.

6.) Pajamas – $18!
Who doesn’t love a new pair of pajamas?! While I am all for matching festive AF pajamas for Christmas, these would be perfect for after Christmas.

7.) Tool Kit – $36!
One of the first things I did when I moved into my apartment was buy a tool kit and it has literally been the biggest lifesaver since. So if there’s a man in your life who needs a new tool kit or doesn’t have one, this one would be perfect.

8.) Hoodie – $34!
It seems like every man on the planet loves Nike, so a Nike hoodie would be perfect. You could also personalize it a bit by picking a hoodie with their favorite sports team on it as well.

9.) Boots – $30!
Again, I feel like this is one of those things a man wouldn’t buy himself. So, go out & get your man a new pair of boots that you think are cute and you think he would like as well.

10.) Gloves – $14!
I think gloves are such a staple in the Winter months because no one wants cold hands. You can even get your man a pair of these touchscreen gloves so he’s still able to use his phone while wearing them.

There you have it lovelies! 10 items for any kind of man in your life, all under $50! Stay tuned for a last minute stocking stuffers gift guide later this week!

Peace out, girl scout!


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