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Gift Guide : For Her – Under $50

Hello lovelies!

Christmas is growing closer & closer people! We have TWO WEEKS left to find the last minute items for everyone & I’ve put together a little gift guide for you! Today I’ll be sharing 10 items for HER that are all under $50 & items that I would personally love for myself.

1.) Blanket Scarf – $16!
I have a few different blanket scarves in my personal wardrobe & find them to be quite an essential. I love adding them to an outfit but also to use them to keep me warm when the weather drops.

2.) Nail Polish Set – $13!
I absolutely love Essie’s nail polishes so this little set would be perfect. A normal bottle of Essie is about $8 so this is an amazing deal! Plus these colors would be perfect for the holidays.

3.) Eyeshadow Palette – $46!
This little eyeshadow palette from Tarte would be the perfect gift for anyone who loves makeup. It has the perfect blend of neutral and more creative shades making for a great palette to travel with!

4.) Slippers – $18!
These little fur lined slippers would be perfect if you’re anything like me & you get cold easily. My mom has a pair & absolutely loves them.

5.) Graphic mug – $6!
Honestly, how could anyone go wrong with getting someone a cute mug?! Even if the woman you’re gifting doesn’t like coffee, there are plenty of adorable mugs out there for her to use for her tea or hot chocolate.

6.) Brush set – $50!
This is the most expensive item on this list & to be honest, you can buy much cheaper brushes for such a better price, but these are super cute & even come with a cute little glitter case!

7.) PJs & Socks Set – $30! 
Who doesn’t want a pair of festive pajamas?! Cuddl Duds is actually the softest thing so I can only imagine how soft and dreamy these pajamas would be! PLUS you get a pair of fuzzy socks with it!

8.) Face Mask Set – $10!
Winter is such a harsh time for our skin so this face mask set would be perfect to keep everything balanced & in check.

9.) Lipstick Set – $15!
Another gift for that beauty lover in your life. I’ve heard pretty good things about these lipsticks and this set has quite a range of shades, which is perfect.

10.) Throw Blanket – $18!
Last but certainly not least, we have this super soft little throw blanket to keep her warm this Winter. Not only is this blanket incredibly soft but it comes in a million different colors and patterns, including one with dogs on it!! How cute!

There you have it lovelies! 10 items for any kind of woman in your life, all under $50! Stay tuned for the gift guide for men coming soon!

Peace out, girl scout!



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