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Hello lovelies! It’s time for the annual anniversary post! I’m going to try & keep this post rather short, sweet & to the point as I can but we’ll see what happens, LOL!

For this year’s anniversary post, I wanted to do something similar to last year’s but without recreating the exact same thing. Honestly, our anniversary snuck up on me a bit so I couldn’t prepare as much as I wanted but we’ll make sure to plan ahead of time next year! (; We just did some simple confetti pictures for this year but I wanted to talk about the outfit and of course how grateful I am for you lovelies.

I threw together this outfit one morning for work & absolutely loved the outcome of it. This skirt is from The New Blak, which is a local shop located in Oxmoor Mall in Louisville, Kentucky. I actually have to thank Prentis for even finding this store because he took me in there because he knew I would love it and man, was he right! The New Blak is a locally owned, total girl boss central, which is everything what I love to support as I am a girl boss myself, and the clothes are even made in the back of the store. Helloooooooo, how cool is that?! I simply threw on a purple tank top, tied off my chambray shirt at the waist, sheer black tights, gray socks, and black booties to complete this look.

Finally, thank you all so, so, SO much for supporting me the last 3 years. You lovelies honestly have no idea how much it means to me to have readers from all over the world who are constantly checking in on my blog and Instagram. You lovelies are the absolute best & I cannot wait to see where SmallTownBeeeauty goes within the next year! I love you all a millionx2.

Peace out, Girl Scout!



Skirt – Similar | Sunglasses – Similar


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