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Three Years.

Hello lovelies! Today is a very special day for SmallTownBeeeauty because it’s our anniversary! SmallTownBeeeauty is officially THREE YEARS OLD! *insert all the crying emojis because my heart just can’t*

Now don’t worry, I’ve planned a super cute celebratory photoshoot, similar to what I did last year, so there will be a blog post all about that within the next week but for today I’m just going to share with you some of my favorite blog posts I’ve done in the past three years!

1.) Surviving The Cold In Style
This is one of the first blog posts that I actually still have up on my blog because I actually enjoyed this one. It was fun to put together a list of tips to help us all stay warm and survive that snowpocalypse while still looking reasonably fashionable.

2.) #UltimateVegasOutfit
This was actually the first official blog post where I worked with a company. I remember being so incredibly excited about it and I loved putting together the outfits to fit the activity.

3.) Casual LBD
After taking like a 4-6 month break from SmallTownBeeeauty, my heart still breaks at the  thought of it, this was the first blog post to get me back in the game and motivate me to get started with SmallTownBeeeauty again and I just love the outfit and the pictures turned out great as well.

4.) Oversized Cardigan
If you’ve been following SmallTownBeeeauty for awhile, you would have seen this cardigan ALL OVER THE PLACE. I literally wear this thing so often but it’s just so comfortable and I love it so much. Not only did I love this outfit but the pictures turned out great as well. I absolutely love the wheat field(?) or whatever it is for pictures.

5.) Two Years
Obviously I had to include the anniversary blog post from last year because it’s just very special and the pictures are adorable. I loved that shoot and can’t wait for this years anniversary shoot!

6.) Holiday
I would be downright crazy to not include this beautiful Christmas post from last year because I love Christmas, I loved the skirt I wore for the shoot and I got pretty creative with the shoot as well. Altogether, it was just a fun and super cute shoot!

7.) Over The Knee
I told you lovelies that cardigan was all over the place, LOL. I was honestly obsessed with this outfit and probably wore it like 10 other times after putting it together but I just thought it was so cute!

8.) Wire Bracelets
This was such an exciting blog post for me to release for many reasons. This was the first official blog post after SmallTownBeeeauty had been converted to an actual website, I had just got my hair redone, and I was working with the company, The Bennet House Boutique. I obviously had to include one blog post I have done with them because I love this adorable little handmade boutique and the fact that I’m a brand ambassador for them has been such an amazing experience.

9.) Adidas Original 2.0
Even though I actually froze to death during this blog shoot, I love the results. The location was beautiful and if you know anything about me, you know how much I love almost anything Adidas Originals, so obviously this blog post made the cut, LOL.

10.) Fishnets & Distressed Denim
I had to include this blog post because I was collaborating with Dia & Co for this and they wanted me to talk about stepping out of your comfort zone. This outfit was definitely out of my comfort zone but I absolutely love the outcome and I actually did feel surprisingly confident in it.

11.) Ballerina Girl
This is probably one of my top favorite outfits that I have ever put together for a blog post. I just love how feminine and girly it is and that skirt is to die for. Also, it was such a beautiful day to shoot so the images turned out beautiful.

12.) Summer to Fall Transition
Seeing as this outfit was inspired by Desi Perkins, I automatically love it and had to include it in this round up. I just think it’s the perfect transitional outfit between Summer and Fall and the pictures turned out amazing.

13.) His & Hers : Distressed Denim 
Last, but certainly not least I had to include this His & Hers post because I just love everything about this blog post. Not only do I have adorable pictures of my boyfriend & I, but you guys also get to see some variety in my content as well by adding in mens fashion a little bit.

So there we have it. My favorite blog posts from the past three years. Thank you guys so much for sticking with me for the past three years, but I’ll save all that super emotional stuff for the anniversary post.

Peace out, Girl Scout!



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