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Summer to Fall Transition

Hello lovelies! As the end of August very quickly approaches us, as in I literally didn’t even realize it was the last week of August! Craziness. We’re finally coming to a point in the year where the summer heat has FINALLY started calming down a bit and the cool Fall weather is starting to creep in. Which, if you’re anything like me, you’re beyond excited for Fall because of how annoyingly humid and gross Summer is. I’m ready for cooler weather and tons of layers!

One of the things I’ve always lowkey struggled with is the Summer to Fall transition with my daily clothing. There have been days when I’ve wore a thicker cardigan and regretted it as soon as I walked outside because it was still so hot outside. I’ve been trying to find outfit inspiration when it comes to transitional outfits and I finally found one I liked!

In general, Desi Perkins is such a fashion inspiration to me because she can rock anything and I just love her style, so today’s post is inspired by her. I was scrolling through her Instagram the other night and actually ended up finding an outfit from 2015 (LOL I’m such a creep) that I loved and thought would be perfect. Just a simple crop top, shorts, boots/booties, and a flannel tied around the waist, but super convenient for this transitional period from Summer to Fall. I love this recreation and I hope to find more transitional outfits to share with you lovelies within the next few weeks!

As always, everything I can find will be linked below the first picture.🖤

Peace out, girl scout!



T-shirt | FlannelBooties | Earrings ●


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