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4th Of July

Hello lovelies! If you’re reading this on the day it’s posted, hello & Happy 4th of July! I wanted to get this blog post up a few days ago, and if you follow me on Instagram, you may or may not know I’ve been having some computer issues lately. I’m still having a few problems so today you’re getting a blog post from my handy dandy laptop, which I haven’t done in foreverrrrrrr.

Anyway, enough rambling about that, today we’re here to talk about my 4th of July outfit! For me personally, I refuse to wear the American flag on a clothing item. It’s just not my style anymore, but you best believe in elementary school I rocked that basic Old Navy flag shirt, LOL. So, with that being the case I decided to just wear red, white, and blue and call it a day. I found this adorable blue cold shoulder shirt with ruffle detail at work and figured it’d be perfect. I paired it with some white pants and decided to buy these red sandals at Target. I threw on a red bandana and red lipstick as well because I felt like it helped balance everything out. Pretty simple while also getting the point across. As always everything will be linked below! Everyone have a great night and make sure to stay safe!

Peace out, girl scout!


4thOfJuly 2

Shirt | Shorts (Similar) | Sandals | Red Lipstick – Outlaw •

4thOfJuly-24thOfJuly-44thOfJuly-2 24thOfJuly-5 copy4thOfJuly-3

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