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Weekend Chic

Hello lovelies! For today’s post it has struck me with a very curious question, what kind of shopper are you? Like, do you buy a piece with a specific item in mind to wear with it? Do you have to buy a complete outfit every time? Or do you just impulse buy pieces and not think about what will work with them? I would say I am more so an impulse shopper 95% of the time and that’s exactly what happened when I bought this skirt for today’s post.

I bought this skirt a few months ago and because of the whole issue I was having with lack of motivation and everything last month the skirt kept getting pushed back and pushed back. I never really thought about what I was going to wear with this skirt until it finally came time to do a blog shoot for it. We had some shirts come into work that I thought would have been adorable with it but they didn’t end up looking right, so we scratched that idea. I probably tried on like 7 different shirts and didn’t love any of those either. I also wasn’t 100% sure what look I was even going for with this skirt. I almost just gave up and wore my white bralette from my Ballerina Girl look but I figured they would be too similar and that’s just not exciting. FINALLY, we ended up at Target and I found this little “weekend” graphic tee and I decided I was going to cut it into a crop top and go for a whole “weekend chic” look and here we are!

Part of me really wanted to wear my Adidas with this look but I’ve decided that since it is now technically summertime I would break out some of my sandals. I also love the way the white sandals tie in with the white font on the graphic tee. I honestly threw on a hat to maintain the messy ass state of my hair but I also just feel like it added to the whole “weekend chic” vibe. Yay for messy hair and hats to control it!

Peace out, girl scout.



Graphic Tee | Skirt | Necklace (20% with code ‘DIRTYBLONDE’) •


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