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Ballerina Girl

Hello lovelies! I found this adorable pink tulle skirt from H&M what feels like forever ago & I’ve just had to keep pushing back the post. BUT TODAY, I’m finally sharing with you all about it!

As I’m sure most of you know, I usually stick with a darker color palette when it comes to my wardrobe, however, when I found this skirt I knew I had to have it. First of all, I loooove tulle skirts and I’ve lowkey wanted a pink one for awhile now. I will say though, it is still a little see through so I would recommend getting a slip! I’ve titled this “Ballerina Girl” because looking back at the outfit I put together, it reminds me of a ballerina.

I decided to just wear a white bralette with the skirt because I felt like it added to the cute & feminine vibe I was going for, especially since it was lace. I also really like the little sliver of tummy that it shows between the skirt and the bralette. I finished this little cute and feminine look off with some nude heels and of course my gold jewelry. I felt like this was a little bit different for me since I tend to lean towards a darker palette and go for a more badass style, let me know what you think?!

Peace out, girl scout!


PinkSkirt 2

Bralette | Skirt | Necklace (20% off with code “DIRTYBLONDE”)| Earrings

PinkSkirt-2PinkSkirtPinkSkirt-5PinkSkirt-2 2PinkSkirt-3

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