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Fishnets & Distressed Denim

Hello lovelies! If you’ve noticed, recently a few of my blog posts are about stepping outside your comfort zone and wearing things you wouldn’t normally wear. Today’s blog post is no different but today’s post does have a different meaning behind it.

For today’s post I’ve teamed up with Dia&Co to share with you all about their project on confidence. Dia&Co is a home delivered shopping experience for sizes 14+. You fill out a fashion quiz, the personal stylists pick out pieces just for you and they get delivered right to your doorstep! You get 5 days to try everything on and you can keep whatever you like or send back whatever you don’t. The box is $20 a month and you also get a $20 credit to be applied to your purchases as well! I absolutely love the idea of this, even though I’m not size plus sized, working in retail makes me fully aware of how limited shopping for sizes 14+ can be.

Dia&Co are all about stepping outside your comfort zone, rocking your confidence, and not letting a “standard” of certain clothes are for certain people define your wardrobe. When presented the idea of facing my fashion fears, I drew a blank for quite awhile because I do feel like I face my fashion fears pretty regularly. However, when turning to Pinterest for some inspiration I remembered that there’s a trend going around right now featuring fishnets under jeans and I knew I had to do this outfit.

I decided to go for a more badass/grungy vibe for this outfit and I’m obsessed with how it turned out. Whenever it comes to facing my fashion fears wearing the fishnets as high waisted as I did meant exposing my stomach and having them kind of bulge my waist a bit. As I’m sure you’ll see in the pictures below, I’m definitely not the skinniest girl around and my stomach is the number one thing that I’m self conscious about sometimes. As I grow older, I’ve learned to accept it and now-a-days I don’t care to rock a crop-top because why not?? If I want to wear a crop-top, who’s to say I can’t? If someone wants to give me dirty looks for wearing a crop-top or these fishnets or any other piece of clothing, let them. Nobody should ever influence what you decide to wear because you’re worried about what they think about you. Rock that crop-top or those short shorts girl. Always, always, always do you boo, and never let anyone tell you differently.

Peace out, girl scout.



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