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Business Casual: Button Up

Hello lovelies! How many of my girl bosses out there have to follow a business casual dress code? While I am a girl boss in running SmallTownBeeeauty, I also have a part-time job where I have to follow a business casual dress code. I’ve done a few business casual looks in the past, which you can find here, here, and here, and they are still such a huge success on my blog to this day. I’ve decided to try and incorporate more business casual looks onto my blog to help you all and myself especially since my older looks are 2 years old now. How crazy is that?!

Sometimes I find this rather difficult to work with because my own personal style is far from business casual. I’ve had to figure out a few ways to mix my style with my business casual dress code over the past two years and I think I’ve finally got it down.

About 90% of the time I am wearing my black jeans which is perfect because I absolutely love my black jeans. I find myself looking for business tops and shoes rather than pants because slacks really just aren’t my thing. I’ve tried several different pairs and kinds and have hated every single one and if I can wear my black jeans, I gladly will. I also decided to show you this look with black heels AND black flats. If any of you girl bosses can rock a pair of heels for an 8 hour shift, props to you!

The really convenient thing about shopping at Kohls is that they have a specific section dedicated to business casual looks including specific brands that are targeted for that audience. IZ Byer California is one of those brands and is where I found this adorable arrow printed button up. This shirt is perfect for a business casual outfit because it’s a button up but it’s not restricting like some button up materials can be. I would highly recommend checking out that brand for any of your business casual/girl boss needs.

Peace out, girl scout.



Button Up | Pants | Heels | Flats
Necklace (20% with code DirtyBlonde) | Sunglasses (10% off with code NewShades4You) •


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