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Kentucky Derby

Hello lovelies! If you live in the Kentuckiana area or even just know of this area, you would know that in 2 short weeks the Kentucky Derby is happening. Now, if we’re being honest here, which is always the case, but I actually had no idea what the Kentucky Derby was until I moved closer to Kentucky a few years ago. Since I’ve come to learn more about it and do some research on it, I feel kind of silly for not knowing what it was sooner.

The Kentucky Derby is a horse race which is ran in Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s been nicknamed “The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports” because that’s typically how long it takes the winner to reach the finish line. The Kentucky Derby is actually an incredibly huge deal and that’s why I felt silly for not knowing about it beforehand.

Anyway, enough about the history of The Kentucky Derby, I’m here to share with you all my outfit choice, if I were to go to the Derby and of course the most important part, my hat. My friend’s mom actually makes Derby hats herself and we thought it would be super cool to team up and share with you all what she’s capable of!

Triss & I both picked out a hat and decided to do a joint photoshoot to show them off. Since the Derby is all about the hats, we decided to keep our outfits incredibly simple with just black and white dresses, so our hats would be the main focus. I kept it more monochrome with some black heels and Triss decided to match her hat with some brown booties. While fashion is a pretty big part of the Derby, they do recommend either wearing comfortable shoes or at least packing an extra pair, just in case! As always, I will link whatever I can down below, including where we got our hats!

Peace out, girl scout!



My Dress | My Heels | Triss’s Booties | Our Hats


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