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Coachella: Week Two

Hello lovelies! If you saw my Coachella: Week One outfit from last week, you knew this post was coming! Coachella Week Two is this weekend and I’m back to share another outfit with you all.

In today’s post I’m stepping even more outside my comfort zone than normal with this outfit. I decided to go all out with a ruana with fringe details, which I thought was perfect for festival season. As Coachella is held in the middle of a desert I tried to keep that in mind when choosing to wear this bralette and shorts option. Although the ruana does add more coverage and warmth for you, if you need it.

I also played up my makeup by doing a pink wing and even drew a little heart. Coachella and festival season in general are so free spirited to me that deciding to play around with makeup seemed appropriate. Make sure to check out the links to everything below the first picture!

Peace out, girl scout.



Ruana | Bralette | Shorts | Keds | Sunglasses •


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