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Coachella: Week One

Hello lovelies! As festival season quickly approaches us, as in Coachella Week One is THIS WEEKEND, I decided to come up with a couple looks for you all! It’s a little outside my comfort zone because Coachella fashion is very boho and that’s not something I tend to go for when it comes to my personal style.

I feel like Coachella and festival season in general gives you so much freedom and expression when it comes to your outfit choices and I honestly love that so much. Granted, you can wear whatever you want, whenever and wherever you want, you do you boo!

For today and this specific post, I decided to stick to a pretty simple outfit with just a dress that gave me Coachella vibes and some little booties. Nothing too over the top, but I feel like it still screams Coachella and festival season. However, if you’re not feeling a dress, I’m also going to link a romper that is pretty similar below the first picture if rompers are more your thing!

What are some of  your tips and tricks for Coachella or festival season in general? Leave me a comment down below! (:

Peace out, girl scout!



Dress | Romper


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