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“Perfect” 2.0

Hello lovelies! Back in January I released a blog post titled “Perfect” & I had mentioned that if it got a good response I would do them more often, so here we are for part two!

In the original version of that post, I went into pretty big detail about how social media can depict that everybody has perfect lives if they only share certain parts of it. I’m not going to go into all that again because I feel like that’s just really repetitive, so if you’re curious and wanted to read more about it, you can head over to that post and check it out!

Today’s focus is more or less just on the blooper pictures that come about during blog shoots. As stated in the previous blog post, when Triss and I shoot a blog post we have about 100+ images for every shoot and sometimes we get some hilarious blooper pictures, especially if I’m feeling extra goofy that day. I never end up sharing the blooper pictures anywhere but some of these pictures are honestly so funny, I figure everyone needs a little laugh sometimes, so, enjoy!

Peace out, girl scout.



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