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Adidas Originals 2.0

Hello lovelies! As mentioned in the previous Adidas Originals post, here is part two of that post. I decided to separate these into two blog posts because for me to wear my jacket, t-shirt, hat, AND shoes altogether is just a little too much, even for me being as extra as I am.

I was gifted this Adidas Originals t-shirt for my birthday and I’ve already worn it an embarrassing amount of times. I do believe it is a mens shirt, but I actually like how it fits regardless. It’s a little on the baggy side and is perfect for just those throw on and go kind of days. It also pairs perfectly with this baby pink Adidas Originals hat that I picked up a few weeks ago.

I’ve really developed an obsession with baseball hats within the past year and they are just so perfect for bad hair days, or days when your hair is just too dirty and a hair washing session didn’t fit into your schedule, AKA me all the damn time. This outfit is probably going to be a huge go-to for me during the spring & summer months. I just love how simple and sporty it looks.

Peace out, girl scout.



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