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Girls Night Out 2.0

Hello lovelies! In case you all didn’t see the original Girls Night Out blog post you can read HERE that way you won’t be lost in about .2 seconds. When we went to Fourth Street for my birthday, we had an absolute blast and we really wanted to go back, so we decided to go back a few weeks later.

Now, obviously we couldn’t wear the same things so Triss and I decided to go to the mall and find new shirts to wear. I found this adorable cropped off-the-shoulder shirt from Charlotte Russe and fell in love with it immediately. Funny enough, it actually is a two-piece set but the night we decided to go back to Fourth Street was way colder than last time and shorts were simply out of the question. I’m pretty sure off-the-shoulder shirts are going to be a big trend this spring/summer which is totally fine by me because I think they’re so cute! No surprise here, but I wore all black again, featuring some new black booties I couldn’t be happier about picking up. Also, I am LIVING for these parking garage rooftop pictures with the city in the background. *heart eye emoji x20*

Peace out, girl scout!



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