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Adidas Originals

Hello lovelies! If you are at all familiar with other bloggers or just basic fashion trends you would know that the Adidas Superstars blew up within the past year or so. Also, if you’re one of my lovely Instagram followers (if not, you should totally follow me – @smalltownbeeeauty) then you would know I ended up picking up my own pair at the beginning of September last year. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking, another blogger jumping on the Superstars band wagon…and to an extent that is true, but for the most part I needed a basic pair of shoes that I could just throw on and they would look good with ANY outfit. Also, the fact that they’re black, white and have hints of gold accents just make it me in a shoe, honestly. Regardless, I do not regret my decision and they are VERY much so loved.

In fact, I love them so much so that I have decided to make myself an Adidas Originals wearer. You know how there’s always one brand that people LOVE and wear ALL the time? Like Nike, Under Armour, PINK, etc. I’ve decided Adidas Originals is the brand for me. I invested in this simple Adidas Originals jacket and am absolutely obsessed with it. I’m so glad Spring is right around the corner because that means I’ll be able to wear it more often and I’m so excited. Helpful hint; this is a Mens jacket and I’m wearing a small. Stay tuned for part two of this Adidas Originals post to come next week. (;

Peace out, girl scout!



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