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Hello lovelies! Today I am back to share with you another piece from The Bennet House! About a month ago The Bennet House added a new apparel line, Active(ism), to their collection and this is their first piece! A portion of the proceeds of each shirt sold in the Active(ism) Tees line will go to a different charity organization. When one of these shirts is purchased, $5.00 will be dontated to League of Women Voters, which is a non-partisan organization that advocates for women’s involvement in the political system.

As I’m sure my long time & committed readers will know for a fact, I love graphic tees and the fact that this graphic tee is using the quote, “She believed she could, so she did” makes me so incredibly happy about owning it. As I’ve gotten older and started to become more aware, I’ve realized how heavily I believe in women’s rights and human rights in general, actually, which is why this has such a huge place in my heart. This phrase is great in literally every aspect of life, whether you’re trying to become your own girl boss, or you’re trying to pass a class at school, or even gain a huge promotion at work, it’s such an inspiring quote. Another huge perk about this t-shirt is that it is literally the softest thing and it’s the perfect fit, SCORE. The Bennet House is actually closed for the weekend, but you can revisit on Monday, February 27th & get your own Active(ism) t-shirt here | |

Peace out, girl scout!



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