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Girls Night Out

Hello lovelies! In case any of you weren’t aware, I turned 22 on February 2nd & I have been to possibly 2 bars in the past year. I’m not complaining or anything like that because bars & spending tons of money on alcohol really aren’t my thing, but for my birthday this year I really wanted to get some friends together and just go out & have some fun. Mainly to dance, have fun, and just have some girl time!

So, I’ve gotten a group together & we are hitting up Fourth Street Live tonight which is this entertainment area in Downtown Louisville, Kentucky with multiple nightclubs and bars. I’ve never been before so I’m extremely excited to go, but mostly excited to spend time with friends! Anyway, when trying to come up with an outfit for this girls night out I decided to do something that showed a bit more cleavage than normal but was also classy and cute. I found this crop top from Charlotte Russe & it was supposed to go under a tank top but it is honestly just way too beautiful to be put under a shirt, so I decided to step a little bit outside my comfort zone and wear it by itself. I decided to get “murdered out” and wear black from head to toe, including an adorable black choker with gold detail & matching gold earrings! Now I’m ready for this girls night out. (;

Peace out, girl scout!



Crop Top


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