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Hello lovelies! Birthdays are such an exciting thing for me, I love them so much, and I just want to give the biggest shout out to my best friend, Triss, for honestly going above & beyond & truly making this the best birthday ever!

I came home from class to my room filled with balloons (21 because 1 popped! LOL) and the cutest little penguin gift bag sitting on my bed! HOW CUTE?! My heart literally melted and because I’m such an emotional person, I almost cried. She did record it so once I have all the footage together and edited, there will be a vlog up for you lovelies as well! Also, my mom, sister, and boyfriend definitely made my birthday that much better by going to dinner with me too! (:

Anyway, I found this adorable cropped sweater from Charlotte Russe a few weeks ago & knew it was the perfect shirt for my birthday. I love how it looks like a plain cropped sweater until you see the sides and find a little surprise! It’s lace up with gold rings, which is perfect for me! Normally I would’ve just worn my black pants with this but Triss begged me not to! LOL. So I wore these distressed jeans I am literally obsessed with and threw on some neutral booties to finish off the look!

Thank you all so much for all the love, sweet words, and ‘happy birthday’ wishes yesterday! I truly have the best readers/supporters/followers/friends a girl could have!

Peace out, girl scout!



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