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Hello lovelies! The time has finally come for a few things. 1.) I finally bought myself a new coat after my current one has been broken for so many years and is even more many years old. & 2.) Southern Indiana has finally got the memo that it is actually winter and has decided to kick it into full drive this time. I’m talking piercing winds, freezing weather, and of course, snow/ice. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Speaking of new coats, this is the perfect time to shop for coats because retailers are already getting ready for spring which means all outwear pieces are on super sale! SCORE. Perks of working in retail is finding out what’s going clearance & being able to scout out what you want. (; I saw this gray peacoat which is absolutely perfect because my old peacoat was black and sometimes I just felt like it was too much black with my black pants. Did I just say too much black??? Am I sick?!?! Yikes. Anyway, I love this gray one and it fits perfectly.

Triss gave me this beautiful new blanket scarf for Christmas and I honestly had forgotten all about it, being that Southern Indiana didn’t know what season it wanted to be in, I didn’t have a need for a scarf for awhile. When brainstorming new content for you lovelies I remembered it, and I think I might have jinxed it because the day we shot this look it actually was cold enough to need a scarf! Hopefully blanket scarfs go on sale soon, if they aren’t already, even though I honestly don’t need anymore…yup, I must really be sick!

Peace out, girl scout!



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