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Hello lovelies! Today I’m sharing with you all one of the coolest concepts I’ve ever heard of and I’m so glad it’s a thing! BootayBag is a monthly subscription service for UNDERWEAR, ayyyyyyyye.

If there’s one thing I for sure hate doing, it’s buying underwear. I lowkey hate going to the mall in the first place because I don’t do well with large crowds and small stores. Another thing is that when I am in need of new underwear, the cute ones are always sold out in my size! BootayBag has completely solved all of that with this brilliant idea of an underwear monthly subscription that’s delivered right to your doorstep! No hassle of going to the mall, dealing with the large crowds, and finding out they don’t even have your size in the underwear you want.

For $12 a month, you can choose between always thongs, never thongs, or mix it up. Even if thongs aren’t your thing they have the cutest pairs of cheeky underwear that are perfect for everyone. One of the pairs I got is all lace and completely beautiful, while still maintaining that sexy vibe that some women want in their underwear. Don’t worry, granny panties are not a thing to worry about receiving through BootayBag! Another perk about BootayBag is, when you post an image on Instagram with #undermatters, they will donate $1 to the Melanoma Foundation!

So, click here | | to subscribe and get yourself some super cute underwear every month and get to posting those images with #undermatters to help out the Melanoma Foundation!

Peace out, girl scout.



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