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Over The Knee

Hello lovelies! If you follow me on Instagram, @smalltownbeeeauty, then you would know I have an obsession with socks, but mainly fashion socks. I got a ton of pairs of socks for Christmas and I was so excited to have received some gray over the knee socks. I immediately knew I had to put them on the blog and basically plan a whole entire outfit around them.

I’ve always loved the dresses in winter with over the knee socks, and sheer tights so the fact that I was finally able to put together one just made me so happy! I decided to stick to a very monochromatic gray and black outfit and threw in a gold necklace to spice it up just a little bit as well. I love how this outfit turned out and I want to wear it all the time. I felt really feminine but also incredibly badass at the same time. My favorite combination! Also, it was really comfortable as well, which was a little surprising to me. I will say, this outfit is definitely for one of those warmer winter days. Although, adding a heavier cardigan or jacket would definitely help!

Peace out, girl scout.



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