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Hello lovelies! Closing out the Fall looks for the year, I thought it would only be fair to do a simple layered look. 

This look is taking me back to my Everyday Fall Look I did a few months ago because they’re legit so identical, but I love both of them the same. I really wanted another pair of ripped jeans that weren’t as ripped as the others and when these showed up at work, I fell in love with them. They also fit amazingly well, which is always a plus. One thing that I always find really annoying about certain jeans is that they loosen up a bit during the day, but these ones stay tight and I love it so much.

I know people always say babydoll shirts are really unflattering but I think you just need to find the perfect way to wear them, honestly. Adding this leather/combo jacket on top adds more shape to the shirt, especially because it’s cut so much different than most leather jackets. The leather/combo jacket also adds a bit of a badass feel to the outfit and goes along perfectly with these ripped jeans. We all need to feel like a badass sometimes.

Peace out, girl scout.



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