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Hello lovelies! As Winter is quickly approaching, I’ve been trying to squeeze in the last of my Fall looks and I’m running out of time! So, after the two posts this week and the holiday looks happening the two weeks after that, I will be working on some Winter looks for you all! 

Since this is going to be one of the last Fall looks to share for this year, I decided to go with the typical black and white plaid shirt with black jeans. To mix it up just a little bit I decided to add brown booties and a brown hat as well. I know one of the “rules” of fashion is that black and brown don’t match, but who even listens to the “rules” of fashion anyway? Personally, I think black and brown look great together and I’m not a fan of the whole fashion “rules” anyway. Wear what you what, when you want, and own it. Come back on Thursday to see one more Fall look before we jump into the holiday looks!

Peace out, girl scout.



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