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Speckled Sweater

Hello lovelies! Finals week is over, Fall semester is over, and your girl is ready to devote as much time as she can to this blog during winter break. The past few weeks have literally been insane with school, so that’s why it’s been so long since I’ve posted. However, I’m determined to get as many blog posts up for the rest of the month as I can. 

Today we’re talking about this sweater that’s under $15!! I found this gem at H&M a few months ago and honestly couldn’t believe that it was only $12.99. If you’re familiar with H&M, you know that they have an affordable section but then some of their pieces are more expensive. I thought for sure that this sweater was going to be at least $24, which still isn’t bad, but just because it’s such great quality. It’s so soft, which is super important to me since I have a texture problem, and it’s honestly pretty thick as well.

I decided to keep it pretty casual today by just throwing on some leggings, combat boots, and adding some longer socks to tie in the gray look of the sweater. This sweater is so versatile though, you can wear it with honestly anything.




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