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Fancy Date Night

Hello lovelies! Today I am going to be sharing with you all a “fancy” date night outfit for those nights when you feel like doing something a little bit extra with your significant other.

When brainstorming blog post ideas for you all awhile ago, I decided to do a casual date night (which you can read here) and a fancy date night look. I wanted them to be back to back for you all but life happens and that didn’t work out. So, finally I am here sharing this fancy date night look. Since it has taken me so long to get this blog post up, I am sad to tell you all that this dress, which I will rave about in just a second, has actually gone clearance, and apparently is completely sold out online because I can’t find it anywhere. ): I hate when this happens because I always try to link everything for you guys, but sometimes the odds are just against us. Anyway, I still wanted to do this blog post because even though I can’t link the dress for you, maybe you’ll get some inspiration from it anyway.

This dress instantly screamed “date night” at me when I saw it because it has a classy, yet sexy and flirty, look to it with the split sleeves and shape of the dress. I decided to keep it super simple with just a plain gold necklace and some nude heels. This dress made me feel like I had my life together and was super sophisticated, but also really fun with the sleeve detail. I also love the subtle texture detailing happening all over the dress, which just adds a little bit extra detail to this beautiful number.



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