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Fall Date Ideas

Hello lovelies! Today I was inspired by Personal Capital to share with you all a few inexpensive, yet still fun, and totally worth it Fall activities to take part in without breaking the bank. 

Personal Capital has some great free personal finance software that can be accessed through their app so you can easily keep on eye on all of your accounts while you’re out and about having some Fall fun! How nifty is that?! This is a topic that I feel very strongly about being as I’m a college student who has bills to pay but also wants to have fun. October is one of those months where there are so many activities that I want to take part in without totally wiping out my bank account. So today I’m sharing with you all four Fall activities that don’t require a ton of money but are super fun as well.

Pumpkin Picking

First and foremost, probably the most important activity to take part in for the month of October is definitely going to pick pumpkins. I did this for the first time last year and I thought it was the coolest thing ever and this year it was even better. The pumpkin patch was about 1,000 times busier when we went so there were tons of people and families and everyone just seemed super happy. The weather was absolutely amazing when we decided to go and I couldn’t have asked for a better day, especially for pictures. We each got one pumpkin and it ended up being $11 which isn’t bad at all.


Fall Festivals

I’ve found that a lot of towns have festivals during the Fall, which makes sense because the weather is perfect for it. My town has one the first full weekend in October so we obviously had to go and I, of course, had to mention it in this post. I’m not the biggest fan of large crowds and I definitely went at the wrong time so I didn’t stay long, but festivals are still super cool. There are tons of cool food booths set up which is definitely the main reason why I go because the food is always so delicious and it’s decently priced as well! So make sure to do some investigating and find some local festivals around you!


Cozy Night In

So as much as I love going out and doing things, I also really enjoy staying in and just getting cozy for the night. Sometimes we all just need a night to stay in and just chill out to recharge our batteries, so a cozy night in is perfect for that. You can put on some super comfortable clothes, make yourself some hot chocolate, popcorn, and enjoy a movie night in. Renting a movie from Redbox is less than $5 or you can hit up good old Netflix for a free movie as well!



Last, but certainly not least we have adventuring. I am always down for an adventure to new places. It gives me a reason to get out and do something, while also allowing me to take pictures as well. I think the Fall is the absolute best time for adventures because the weather is perfect and seeing all the changing leaves just makes everything so beautiful as well. Adventuring is essentially free since you really don’t have to pay for anything, other than the gas money to get you to and from locations, which is awesome!


There you have it, four inexpensive Fall activities to take part in this season without breaking the bank! Let me know in the comments what are some Fall activities you like to do that are inexpensive! (:

Come back soon!


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