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Casual Date Night

Hello lovelies! Today I’m going to be sharing with you all this beautiful lace number I picked up from Lauren Conrad that I am beyond obsessed with.

I knew I had to have this shirt the minute I saw it, although I was unsure of how to wear it and where I was going to wear it to. I’m not usually one to worry about overdressing or anything like that because I think that anyone can wear anything they want, whenever and wherever they want, but with this specific shirt I felt a little different. If you know me at all, I usually buy neutrals because I can wear them with anything but this dusty blue color was calling my name. It’s so unique and I was very determined to find something to wear with it.

After being incredibly stumped as to what to wear it with, I finally resorted to what the model was wearing in the image for the actual shirt. She was just wearing jeans and since the date wasn’t anywhere suuuuper fancy, I decided jeans would work. I think this is still really casual, but yet cute and also classy all at the same time. Which is exactly how I love to dress.

Come back soon!



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