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Pumpkin Picking!

Hello lovelies! Seeing as Fall is finally upon us and it’s starting to cool down just a touch here in Southern Indiana, I am such a happy girl. Fall is my all time favorite season because the leaves are changing colors which means it is beautiful outside, the weather is just right, the fashion is to die for, and of course, fall dates are the cutest there is. Yesterday I decided Brittin & I were going to go to a local farm and pick some pumpkins! Personally, I had never done this before as when I was younger we always just got them from grocery stores, as far as I can remember anyway. Brittin said that if he had picked pumpkins before it was definitely a long time ago, so it was a “first-time” experience for both of us! We decided to get three pumpkins altogether. Apparently Brittin didn’t know there were white pumpkins so he really wanted to get one! So we got one white one and two orange ones. All three of them were pretty decent sized pumpkins, our smallest one was 18 pounds! I figured this would be a fun thing to blog about and I finally got to play around with my camera a little bit! Recently I’ve been super busy with work and school so I haven’t even had time to play with my new camera! Regardless, I’m going to try my hardest to start getting in some blog posts because I really do miss doing them and you guys mean the world to me so it’s the least I can do! Thank you so much for your continued support my loves!


Come back soon!


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