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Business Casual: Leggings!

Hello lovelies! Today I am back with yet another business casual look to share with you all!  Finding out that I could still wear leggings to work was an awesome thing to hear because I love my leggings. It’s actually so funny that I wear leggings as much as I do because I hated them in high school. The last year or so of school everyone was wearing them and they had really emerged as “pants” and I remember just being like leggings aren’t pants, blah blah blah. Well, I have completely changed my mind, and honestly I wear leggings as pants ALL THE TIME. If we’re being honest right now, I’ve worn leggings as pants the past three days. No shame in my game. There are some days that I just really don’t feel like wearing actual pants and therefore, leggings is always my go-to look. Since it is a business casual environment and not all leggings are meant to be worn as pants, (make sure you check to make sure you’re not flashing anybody your underwear before leaving the house in those leggings girlfriend) Kohls established that you need to be covering your butt in order to wear leggings. AWESOME, I can totally do that. Until I looked in my closet and realized I have NOTHING long enough to cover my butt. WHAT?! How could this be? Well, shopping it is. I ended up buying a few shirts that will cover my butt and a couple cardigans because your girl likes her options.


This button up chiffon shirt is perfect for leggings because it is meant to be long. Since this shirt is so busy I tend to wear all black with it to keep the shirt as the focal point. Both the front and the back are covered which means this is totally work appropriate and because I’m wearing leggings, I am super comfortable all day long. This shirt is sleeveless so I do have to wear a cardigan over it but because I get cold so easily it doesn’t bother me. That way if I’m hot I can roll up the sleeves, but when I get cold I have the option to pull them down. Of course finishing off the outfit with my current obsession, these little black booties! An outfit like this is perfect for days when you’re just not feeling it or when Aunt Flo is paying you a visit. I’m just saying, we’ve all been there ladies. Also, can we take a second to appreciate how red/purple my hair actually looks in the sun. OBSESSED.


P.S. SmallTownBeeeauty got an upgrade!!! We’ve moved up in the blogging world because I got a new camera and I am SO HAPPY. This is the Canon EOS Rebel T5 and she is my new baby! I used her for this shoot so I hope you all can tell a difference in the quality of my pictures because I know I can! I’m so excited to continue on this journey and especially with this upgrade! I hope you guys are just as excited as I am!

Come back soon!


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