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Business Casual: Jean Day!

Hello lovelies! Seeing as my Business Casual: The Maxi post did SO WELL (by the way, thank you SO MUCH for all the likes, comments, follows, and support from that post, it was amazing!) I have decided to share with you another business casual look! Today we’re going to be talking about jean day & all its glory! 

Not going to lie, when I found out I couldn’t wear jeans to work everyday I was a little intimidated. Jeans are such a staple in my closet and having to tuck them away for work was such a heartbreaking moment. ALTHOUGH, at Kohls we do have jean days quite frequently and I do have to admit that they are my favorites! To be honest, I’ve had the same three pairs of jeans for two or three years now & they have almost all fallen apart. So after receiving this job and finding out that if I wanted to wear jeans on jeans day they couldn’t have any rips/holes, it was time to invest in some clean jeans! I bought this amazing pair of darker wash jeans that I absolutely love. They’re actually really comfortable, rip/hole free, and overall just look really nice with any outfit. I tend to keep it pretty casual on jean days, so I usually just pair them with a simple v-neck and these adorable new booties I got!  I figured I needed to buy some booties that didn’t have as much of a heel to them since I love booties but wearing heels to work isn’t always the best option for my feet. They are adorable and so versatile as well, which basically means they are my new favorites! I’ve worn them so much in the week or two I’ve had them!

_DSC3374 _DSC3422 _DSC3417 _DSC3389

Also, enjoy some selfies of my new hair! I am completely obsessed with my new color. It’s a intense violet brown and it’s just so pretty! In some of these pictures it does look more brown than anything, but it does have a purpleish, redish tone to it also. It really just depends on the lighting.

_DSC3432 _DSC3440 _DSC3438 _DSC3436

Come back soon!


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