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DIY Makeup Brush Holder!

Hello lovelies! How many of you have makeup brushes just laying around & nothing cute to put them in? Well today I’m here to help with that! I’m going to be making some cute makeup brush holders from empty candles! You don’t have to use this for makeup brushes, you can use it for whatever you want, but I like to use it for my brushes! Let’s get started!

What You’ll Need:


Nail Polish Remover
Cotton Rounds/Balls
Butter Knife
Empty Candle
Spray Paint (Optional)

Step One:


Pour hot water in your empty candle. This water needs to be pretty hot so you could boil it if you find it necessary, but our water  gets pretty hot so I just used our sink.

Step Two:


Run the butter knife around the edge of the wax to loose it up. I end up cutting an X in the wax & scrape upwards under the wax so it comes up in four chunks.


Once all the wax is removed I dump out the water & scrape the wicks out. This could be a little difficult because those suckers are really glued on there! With a little elbow grease they will come out though!

Step Three:


After you have all the wax and wicks removed it’s time to wash the candle to get out all the excess wax and glue from the wicks and any black stuff from burning the candle.

Step Four:


After the candle is washed I peel of the stickers. The one of the side of the candle is really easy to remove, I just used my fingers and peeled it. Since we washed the candle and had it under hot water the sticker on the bottom is pretty loose too so I could easily peel it off with my fingers as well. You might have to use your butter knife again if it isn’t coming off easily though.

Step Five:


After you removed the stickers I like to go in with nail polish remover to remove any leftover stickiness from the stickers, leftover wax in the candle, or stubborn glue that won’t come off. Watch your manicures though, I ended up messing mine up! After that wash it one more time to be safe!

Step Six:


This part is completely optional. You don’t have to spray paint the candle if you don’t want to, you could leave it clear, actually paint it, or even pour glitter on the inside to add a little sparkle. This part is completely up to you to use your creativity to do whatever you want! I actually had two empty candles so I decided to spray paint them gold & black to go along with the theme of our bedroom since that’s where they will be. I ended up messing up the gold one, the way I did it in the picture above didn’t work. I was way too close to the candle & applied way too much product. So I had to just lay it on the newspaper & spray it. This works a lot better! (;

Step Seven:


I added these plant filler rocks, although I would try to find something smaller. These are kind of hard to put my brushes in, I have to shove them in there & it’s kind of annoying, haha.


Add your brushes & you’re done! Again, you don’t have to use this for makeup brushes, you can use it for whatever you want, but I like using them for my brushes! Since I have two candles I decided to separate my brushes out to my face brushes & eye brushes. These are only the brushes I actually use regularly. I didn’t find it necessary to put all of my brushes in these since I don’t use them.


There you have it! A cute container to hold your brushes in! Other than the spray painting part, this process takes like 10 minutes to do, so it’s super easy! Plus it’s the perfect way to recycle those empty candle containers! (:

Come back soon!


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