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Breaking The “Rules!”

Hello lovelies! I’m back to share with you all another Spring outfit! I should really just stop starting my posts with that because obviously I’m showing you a Spring outfit. Haha! I guess you could say I’m just really happy it’s not Winter anymore. Regardless, I am here to share another outfit of the day because I decided last night I was going to have a great day today & I was going to look cute. And I did have a great day & if I say so myself, I did look pretty cute. Let’s get started. (;



So, can we discuss how this outfit basically breaks the whole fashion “rule” about not wearing the same colors together at the same time because it doesn’t match? I’ve been told that my whole life & I would even agree with that “rule” as long as you do it the right (wrong?) way. First of all, there are no “rules” when it comes to your style, or even just fashion in general. If you want to wear it, WEAR IT. If you feel comfortable in it or especially confident, WEAR IT. Do what makes you feel good! When I paired these two pieces together, I actually loved it! I feel like since they are opposite shades of blue, it works a lot better in the whole “matching” aspect.


*Look at how pretty my Starbucks looked! GAH.


I actually paired this outfit together last night and when I say I’ve been working on blogging about these jeggings, I’m not kidding. When Brittin’s dad had his heart surgery, I packed these baby blue jeggings from Charlotte Russe with me both times. I just never actually wore them, or knew what to wear them with. I got them when we went “back-to-school” shopping during the Fall & wore them once then tucked them away in the back of my closet until Spring rolled around. I’ve been working on rotating my clothes / organizing my closet, but with school ending in a few weeks, it’s really grind time right now, so we’re putting that on hold.



Tank Top: Forever 21 // Jeggings: Charlotte Russe // Jacket: [Old] Similar Here //
Sandals: JcPenny // Starbucks: Iced Carmel Macchiato

I decided to throw this jacket with it, to kind of edge up the rather girly vibe this outfit was giving me. I also wore these sandals with it because I felt like they really completely the girly vibe. I was very hesitant about wearing them though because it was supposed to rain all day, but I got incredibly lucky & it only rained when I was inside! Haha. I was planning on doing something with my hair because the humidity and my hair do NOT mix, but I just got too lazy & my hair stayed untouched. Oh well!

That’s all I have for you guys today! I hope you enjoyed! (:

Thanks for stopping by!

-Crystal Dawn.

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