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Surviving The Cold In Style!

Hello lovelies! Welcome back to another blog post! In case you didn’t notice, I did some revamping to SmallTownBeeeauty two nights ago & I’m very happy with the changes! Although, eventually I will make this blog an actual website & I can’t wait to design that either!!! Web design is on my list of required classes so maybe I’ll get in that next semester & we can transfer to a website!! 😀

Okay, enough of that…I’m getting waaaaaay ahead of myself here, but hey, that just means I’m extremely committed to this blog & don’t plan on quitting. (;

So, today’s post is all about surviving this wonderful Winter Wonderland we have accumulated, but with a twist! We’re going to be surviving this #Snowpocalypse in STYLE! Whoop whoop! Let’s get started!

#1: Layers!


First & foremost, obviously you want to be as bundled up as possible, especially on days when it’s negative degrees outside! I like to wear a tank top, shirt, cardigan, maybe another jacket on top of that, and then my coat! This makes for a very warm Crystal & I don’t look like an eskimo while doing it!

#2: Sunglasses!


Now, this may seem kind of silly, but when outside is completely covered in white snow, it is seriously a lifesaver to wear your sunglasses! Especially when you walk outside to take your dog outside & then walk back into your apartment complex that isn’t very well lit & you almost fall down the stairs because you can’t see anything! Yeah, just wear your sunglasses & thank me later. (;

#3: Gloves!


I have to admit, I am very bad about wearing my gloves when we go places, but when I do my hands are so grateful! My hands get sooooo dry during the colder months & when I wear my gloves it really helps to protect a little bit more from the cold & harsh wind!

#4: Beanie! 


Or any hat in general really! Beanies are great to keep your ears warm & still look super cute! I think I’ve finally mastered how to wear a beanie without looking like a freak! Haha! I’m so weird about my bangs not being in my face but I was actually okay with it today!

#5: Boots!


Since we got so much snow I like to wear my combat boots to keep the snow from getting into my shoes & soaking my socks! Also, I don’t trust myself to walk in booties with a heel on ice so I’ll stick with the combat boots until the snow goes away! Keeps my socks dry & my feet warm!

Those are the five things I came up with to survive the cold in style & I hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for stopping by!

-Crystal Dawn.

V-neck: JcPenny // Cardigan: JcPenny // Coat: JcPenny [old] // Jeggings: Charlotte Russe // Combat Boots: Forever 21// Scarf: Charlotte Russe [old] // Sunglasses: Target // Purse: H&M // Beanie: Zumiez

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