Hello WordPress!

Hi guys! Welcome to my new blog! This whole blogging thing is new to me so please bare with me as we grow together! I’ve been wanting to start a blog for over a year now, at the least, and I just finally gathered up the courage to do it. I was tired of drooling over all these bloggers I follow on Instagram & just finally did it! This blog is going to be a lifestyle blog & I plan on sharing everything from apartment decor updates, outfits of the days, & just whatever I think you would find interesting!

Today I decided to share a outfit with you guys!

_DSC0037_01 _DSC0035_01

The only thing we really did today was go grocery shopping, so I wanted to wear something that was still cute, but not too much work


So, my black v-neck is from JcPenny, my skirt is from Maurices, my tights are from Walmart, & my combat boots are from Forever 21! I’m all about affordable clothes as you can tell. 😛

_DSC0052_01 _DSC0060_01

Please give my fiance some cool points for being awesome enough to take these pictures for me! They will get better the more we do. (:

_DSC0039_01 _DSC0042_01

& here are some bonus pictures from Logan, our roommate, opening his blinds & making this funny face. & of course Bentley had to see what Mommy & Daddy were doing too! (:

So, I hope you guys enjoyed this first post & come back as time goes on. (:
Thanks for stopping by!

-Crystal Dawn

4 thoughts on “Hello WordPress!

  1. I really love your blog! Your posts are always so beautiful and inspiring 🙂 I am so glad I got to find you a couple of weeks ago, can’t wait to read more ❤

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